About Makoto

Thank you for reading Consultant Nomad. I am a former actor and business consultant who has spent the last many years traveling 30 countries with a backpack. I made this site as a bilingual blog (English & Japanese) for language learners, the traveler, business expats, nomad workers by myself after I finished working in Thailand as a Deloitte Consultant. I hope you enjoy and get tips or inspiration from here.

I’m writing blogs by three categories, foodie, culture & history, nature trips. Every place, restaurant, or attraction has been personally visited by me and I pay my own way. Through photographs and videos of countries around the world that I visited, I would be happy if I could deliver local atmosphere to you even if you are at home. In addition to blogs, I’m also writing necessary travel tips that I felt in traveling, local news for tourists from a consulting perspective, nomad work technique from a Consultant Nomads perspective, etc.

If you had told me in 2010, when I went to Keio University after I would quit an Actor job, studying abroad at Stanford University in 2013 totally changed my life that I would be running Makpacker from around the world in 2017. Never did I think I would be a writer and Consultant Nomads.

I grew up in Osaka and Kyoto, Japan and spend my childhood skiing and playing tennis and not really thinking about travel or nomadic works. It wasn’t until I saw a documentary about activity of United Nation in high school that I began to think about heading there myself, a seed that grew bit by bit as the years went by.

Prior to founding Makpacker, I worked for 4 years in Japan as an Actor of Johnny’s & Watanabe Entertainment and 4 years as a Startup-CEO in Japan & Business Consultant in Thailand. Now, I’m doing Consultant Nomads especially about company management, digital marketing, entrepreneurship while traveling around world.